Just Start

Just Start

ChairI wanted this first post to be a well-written, interesting, and compelling work of art…but it’s not.

I had several ideas that I wanted to start with, some of them are semi-developed.

I thought, “soon, one of these ideas will be finished and I’ll finally hit the publish button.  I just need some more time staring at one of these half formed articles and then I’ll magically have the insight to craft something perfect.”

…but the whole time I was ignoring a basic principle of improv.


In improv, sometimes  you have no idea how to initiate a scene but you just take a step out and start.  Start anything. Moving, motioning, speaking. Literally anything.  I realized that I wasn’t following this idea with this site.  The truth is, sometimes it takes starting to gain a little momentum and only then does the scene become interesting.

What was I waiting for?  Greatness.  I was waiting to publish something amazing but I was worried that I would be starting this site off on the wrong foot.  I was scared that whatever I wrote wouldn’t be good enough.  Do I expect this to be the best written piece of work ever to appear online?  Can I articulate exactly what I am thinking?  What if I fail?

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.”

In improv, it’s just one scene. Just start again. Try, learn something, and just start over.

I realized that I will get better over time, but only if I try.  I started taking m own advice on living life through the principles of improv.

“Excellence is not a singular act.”

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.  Trust yourself.  Take that step out on to the stage.  

Just Start.


What do you want to start today?


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  1. Great post Adam! Improv’s gifts transcend the stage. Living truthfully in both the imaginary and non-imagined circumstances can be clenchingly nerve-wracking, yet so liberating (I can at least speak for myself haha). You have struck a vein of gold in writing about the sagely teachings improv has for the [shy, socially anxious, perfectionistic, in-our-headed] people among us. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and musings!

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